O nedavnom objavljivanju golih i porno fotografija 100-nak poznatih zenskih, CNN je doveo u studio i idiota i napravio ovu "satiricnu" reporazu. Izvor kaze da je satira ekspertski zamaskirana u pravu reportazu.

Da je bar tako, nego je ovo ozbiljno, pravi domet CNN-a.

Nesto se mislim, oni islamisti sto novinarima odrubljuju glave pred kamerama, da nije to mozda zbog ovakvih moronskih reportaza?
Nije naivna moc unistenja koju doopeglavi novinari kao CNN-ovi poseduju: oni su, moronskim izvestavanjem okrenuli covecanstvo protiv nuklearne energije i isporucili ga nazad u ruke skleroticnim ili zlocinackim bliskoistocnim dinastijama.

Pazi ga ovde:

CNN 'tech analyst' on NUDE CELEBS: WHO IS this mystery '4chan' PERSON?

Ex-spurt also advises use of 'pa$$word'
By Kelly Fiveash, 3 Sep 2014


Vid "If your password is password, change the 's' to a dollar sign." That's the advice from US news network CNN's "technology analyst" Brett Larson, who also thinks that anarchic message board 4chan is some sysadmin bloke who knew how to "hack things" so he could leak saucy, private photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities.

The confusion over 4chan starts with CNN's news presenter, who naively asks Larson: Do we even know? Who is this 4chan person or website?

Larson, attempting to mask "waaaaah, naked babes" schoolboy giggles, offers up this insight: He may - and I'm sure we're going to be able to get some more confirmation on this as the hours and minutes go on - he may have been just a system administrator who knew his way around and how to hack things.It seems like this was not a real big effort but was more of a "I have these usernames, I know of this loophole, this security loophole, I'm just going to run this password app and see if I can get into these people's cloud-based account."

The CNN news presenter then asks Larson what people can do to prevent their online accounts from being hacked.

The tech expert advises:You absolutely have to have good passwords. You have to have passwords that aren't words ...Like, if your password was literally "password", which is the most common password, change the "s" to a dollar sign*.

The Register understands that this entire CNN exchange is in fact a piece of satirical art expertly disguised as another moronic news broadcast. ®
* Here in the UK, people with the password "password" should no doubt change the "s" to a pound sign, which looks like this: paŁŁword.